The Bio-Electromagnetics Laboratory
at Stevens Institute of Technology

Research Areas

Our research is focused on developing methods and instruments for early, simple, and efficient diagnosis of chronic diseases, including cancer. We have a diverse background ranging from electromagnetics, antenna engineering, and microwave design to wearable systems and personalized healthcare. We combine these areas in unique and original ways to perform high-impact research in several areas. Current research is in three main directions:

1) Exploiting the Millimeter-Wave Imaging Technology for Skin Cancer Detection

2) Non-Contact Vital Signs Monitoring Using Doppler Radars

3) Wearable, Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Monitoring

Recent News

08/2019 Chenxi’s paper is accepted to IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering.

  • The title of the paper is “Classification of Aortic Stenosis Using Time-Frequency Features from Chest Cardio-mechanical Signals.”

08/2019 Mehrdad successfully defends his Ph.D. thesis. Good luck to him.

08/2019 Congratulations to Chenxi for the acceptance of his paper to IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems (TBioBAS).

  • The title of the paper is “Smartphone-only Pulse Transit Time Measurement Solution Using Cardio-mechanical and Optical Sensors.”

07/2019 Congratulations to Chenxi for the acceptance of his paper to the IEEE Sensors Journal.

  • The title of the paper is “A Pilot Study on Fetal Heart Rate Extraction from Wearable Abdominal Inertial Sensors.”

07/2019 We receive an NSF grant to develop an affordable, handheld imaging device for skin cancer detection.

07/2019 Our invited article on IEEE Microwave Magazine is now online.

  • The title of the paper is “Tumor Detection Using Millimeter-Wave Technology.”

06/2019 Our skin cancer imaging work is highlighted in Stevens news.

05/2019 Congratulations to Amir for receiving the Edward Peskin Award as well as the inaugural Paul Kaplan Award for his distinguished doctoral work at Stevens.